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Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service
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Welcome to the Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service


The Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Service is a free NHS community based mental health service for people over 18 who live in Brighton and Hove.

We offer specialist mental health support for common problems, such as low mood, stress, anxiety and depression.

The service is staffed by a team of qualified mental health specialists who deliver evidence based care with an aim to support people to achieve their goals.

We are a community based service and have clinics in a wide variety of locations across the city including many GP practices so that you are able to access the support in a place that is convenient to you. We also offer therapy over the phone, online as well as offering a wide range of courses

We follow NICE Guidelines in a model of care that treats mental health problems and teaches individuals skills in order to recover and improve their day to day life.

Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Service Limited (Company Number 6528491) registered in England and Wales.
Registered offices at Fourth Floor, 177 Preston Rd, Brighton, BN1 6AG | Tel: 0300 303 0500 | Fax: 01273 560297